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The pastor of the church - Mikhail Kotov was born and grew up in the Estonian SSR in Tartu. He was raised in a family of believers. When he was 14 years old, God called him to serve a miraculous way. He traveled with a servant of God Alexander Popov for the USSR. Since that time, Michael has dedicated his life to the Lord.

A few years later, already married, Michael heard the call from the Lord to go to St. Petersburg. Thus, in 1989. was founded by the Church of 'The Source of Life.' During this time there has grown quite a few ministries and God's faithful servants. To date, we have such a ministry as prayer, music, prison, missionary, evangelistic, and also opened the annual Bible courses, students who attend from different cities of Russia.

We are grateful to the Lord for His wonderful work here in St. Petersburg, which we see, and the opportunity to participate in the affairs of God.

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Thursday from 19:00

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